World Diabetes International (WDI) announced today that its 4th anniversary celebration took place on 17 November 2019 in Sydney Australia. Under the leadership of WDI’s Chairman Richard Lu JP, the event was held on the occasion of World Diabetes Day to raise awareness of the prevention and treatment of diabetes.

Co-organised by both WDI and the Australia Oriental Media Group, this event attracts over 300 people to attend, including leading politicians, leading artists and performers and renowned Chinese community leaders from both Australia and other parts of the world.  

Emeritus Mayor at Hurstville City Council Philip Sansom and senior Chinese community leader Qinghui Huang gave welcome remarks at the event. They highly commended the contribution Chairman Richard Lu has made to the wellbeing of Chinese and multicultural community over the years. WDI’s Managing Director Lina Luo highlighted the importance of diabetes prevention.

Both Dr Ying Zhang, a senior pharmaceutical manager and Ms Jasmin Sim, an experienced certified nurse, gave keynote speeches on causes and symptoms of type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and the role a healthy diet and exercise play in preventing and controlling diabetes. Their free consultation and informative insights truly benefited community members.

Another highlight of the event was the light-hearted entertainment performances by many local vocalists, such as Jianwen Chen, Jenny, Anthea Chai and Yunjia. Young performers from Australia Oriental Media Group Dance Troupe gracefully executed various dances.

WDI is the only non-profit organisation in Australia that aims to promote the prevention and control of diabetes in Chinese and multicultural communities. It has not only helped global Chinese communities improve their wellbeing, but also provided a platform where individuals can support each other. For the past four years, through periodically working with nursing homes, organising outdoor health sessions and charitable events, WDI has been playing its part to raising awareness of diabetes in the community.

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