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Richard Lu (JP)

About Richard Lu

Richard Lu is a world-renowned religious leader, a spiritual teacher and philanthropist.

For the past 30 years, he has been dedicated to spreading the core values of Buddhism—Compassion, Peace and Non-violence as well as traditional Chinese culture around the world.

Richard Lu has been awarded the royal title of Dato’ in Malaysia and appointed as a Justice of the Peace (JP) by the Australian Government.

He has also been appointed Honorary Visiting Professor by the prestigious University of Siena, Italy, Honorary Professor by an international Buddhist university, and Lecturer by the University of the West of Scotland, UK.

Richard Lu holds an Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Psychology (Australia). His lecture on psychology and Buddhist theories have spread to 125 countries and regions.

Currently, 10 million people are studying and following Richard Lu's Buddhist and psychology practice.

Richard Lu currently serves as:

Australia Oriental Media Buddhist Charity Association

Australia Chinese Buddhist Research Centre

World Diabetes International

Mental Health International

Australia Oriental Media Group

About Richard Lu - Full Biography

Richard Lu currently serves as Chairman of both the Australia Oriental Media Group and the Australia Oriental Media Buddhist Charity Association. He is also President of the Australian Chinese Buddhist Research Centre.

For over thirty years, President Lu has been devoted to the spread of Buddhism and charitable activities. He is also dedicated to the development of the culture of peace.

Due to his tireless efforts to promote the culture of peace, Richard Lu has been invited to attend summits on world peace and awarded the title of “Ambassador for World Peace” in several places such as the United Nations headquarters, the US Congress, the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, the Australian Parliament, London, UK (at the Unity of Faiths Festival), and Berlin, Germany.

In 2015, he has been awarded a “Certificate of Congressional Recognition” by the US House of Representatives for his role in building and promoting cultural exchanges at home and abroad. In 2016, he has been presented with the “Certificate of Congressional Recognition” by US Congress in honour of his many years of efforts to spread the message of compassion, promote world peace, and help people around the world.

Apart from the above, Richard has been awarded “Honorary Citizenship” by West Orange, New Jersey as well. He has also been presented with an award by Sri Lanka's President Maithripala Sirisena for his important contribution to promoting the economic and cultural relationship between Australia and Sri Lanka.

Richard Lu is included in the “2014 Yearbook of Who’s Who of China” by the Chinese government. Then in May 2015, he was invited as a special guest to attend the 12th International Buddhist Conference on the United Nations Day of Vesak in Bangkok, Thailand.

In September 2015 and September 2016, at the invitation of the President of the United Nations General Assembly, President Lu attended and spoke at the “High Level Forum on the Culture of Peace” and “Culture of Peace summit”, respectively, held at the UN headquarters. The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, General Assembly President, senior UN officials and eminent world leaders and peace advocates from around the world gathered to deliberate on non-violence and world peace.

In 2017, 2018 and 2019, Richard Lu was invited to deliver keynote speeches at the Celebration of Vesak Day at the UNESCO headquarters.

Dharma Talk Gallery

Over the past 10 years, Richard has organised more than 50 dharma talks around the world to promote World Peace, Buddhism and Traditional Chinese Culture.

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