Richard-Lu-Australia-Chinese-Buddhist-Research-Centre Gratitude
is the Foundation
of Compassion
- Richard Lu Gratitude
is the Foundation
of Compassion
Richard-Lu-Australia-Chinese-Buddhist-Research-Centre Never forget
to be grateful
- Richard Lu
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- Richard Lu Love the Country,
Love the People,
Obey the Law




Words of Wisdom by Richard Lu

“The ocean is great as it lies at the lowest level forever, never contending for supremacy.
Just think about the ocean, any water that is poured into the ocean, be it dirty or clean,
is absorbed and turned into blue.
However broad-minded you are, however glorious your future will be.”

“Forgiveness brings about miracles. Forgiveness helps us understand others like a lamp
that illuminates our hearts, enabling us to let go of resentment, vengeance and jealousy.”

“A successful man will not lose his shine even if he lowers his head;
only those who are willing to lower themselves, would never hit their head
on the doorframe or walk on an impassable path.”                  

Only when we let go of attachment can we let go of the self. Free ourselves from worries.
If we are constantly troubled by worries, it must be that we think too highly of ourselves.

To show due respect toward others is to respect yourself.
Treat others the way you wish to be treated.
If you hurt others, you will eventually hurt yourself.

About Richard Lu

Richard Lu is a world-renowned religious leader, a spiritual teacher and philanthropist. For the past 30 years, Mr Lu has been dedicated to spreading the core values of BuddhismCompassion, Peace and Non-violence—and traditional Chinese culture around the world.

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As the president of Australia Chinese Buddhist Research Centre, Richard Lu has written over 30 books about Buddhism teaching and some of his books were being translated into English, French, Spanish, German, Indonesian, Korean and Japanese. "Buddhism - Your Questions Answered", "Words of Wisdom Series", "A Guide to Reciting the Combination of Buddhist Scriptures", and "On Modern Concept of Psychology" are among popular publications of President Lu.


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