On 9 December 2018, World Diabetes International (WDI) and Australia Oriental Media Group, under the leadership of Chairman Jun Hong Lu, co-hosted a community event aimed at celebrating the upcoming Christmas, giving back to the society and raising awareness of diabetes.

The event was held at the lawn outside the Central Park Mall from 10am to 3pm. A variety of services were provided on the day, including diabetes knowledge pop-up display, free food distribution, free blood glucose test and professionals sharing diabetes knowledge on site. 

Many local community members participated in the event with great enthusiasm and learned more about the treatment and prevention of diabetes; they signed up for membership, hoping to be part of making more contributions to those in need.

WDI has long been actively raising awareness of the importance of diabetes among community members. For three years, WDI has been engaging with community member to advance the cause of helping people affected by diabetes. It has been doing its share in spreading the knowledge and awareness of diabetes by organizing various charitable activities.

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